On Veteran’s Day weekend, John Kilpatrick was invited to speak at Faith Baptist Church in Mobile, Alabama at a service to honor all of those who have served us so well.  The invitation came from Dr. Reginald Eggleston, a buddy of John’s from Officer Candidate School (OCS).

Faith Ministries“Serving is an honor and a privilege,” John explained. “I am honored to serve in our armed forces, but more than that, I am called to help bring the healing to our local military veterans that they so richly deserve. That is why we started Veterans Recovery Resources.”  The goal of the new 501c3 business is to provide addiction recovery and mental wellness services to veterans, regardless of their ability to pay. “Together, we can help these vets get back to the place where they want to be, which is serving others in their community and living productive lives,” John added.

Reginald, who is supporting John’s new effort, shared similar sentiments.  “I also have enjoyed serving in our armed forces and it has helped prepare me for my career in education,” he said. “The military teaches you how to be accountable, what it means to present or provide selfless service and the best of it is strategic thinking. Knowing how to long-range plan, knowing how to make decisions for the benefit of a group. I am pleased to see John and his team of veterans apply that leadership and service to create Veterans Recovery Resources.  And, establishing the organization in Mobile is important because it is so desperately needed,” Reginald concluded.

Reginald served in the U.S. Army and currently serves as the Branch Chief of the Resource Operations Division in the office of the Deputy Chief of Staff. He is the Assistant Superintendant for the Mobile County School System.

Pictured left to right, Robert Goler, John F. Kilpatrick and Dr. Reginald Eggleston at Faith Baptist Church.