Promoting a healthier and

more productive workforce

Why Every Company needs an Employee Assistance Program:

Phases EAP, a program of Vets Recover, is designed to assist employees and their families in addressing personal and workrelated issues that may affect their well-being and job performance.

  • Solution-Focused Counseling – Phases EAP provides counseling for life issues. This includes but not limited to workplace supervisor and peer conflicts, grief, marital issues, parenting issues, anxiety, depression, etc.
  • Assess and Refer – The Phases counselor conducts assessment of the employee’s needs,and makes a referral(s) once a HIPPA compliant release is signed by the employee. The counselor then follows up to insure a smooth transition to the new provider.
  • Mental Health Education for the employer – Topics are tailored to need and can include communication skills, boundaries, parenting, addiction, family impact of addiction, etc. (both managers and employees)
  • Management Consultation – The Phases counselor is available to management for a confidential brainstorm session on issues they
    encounter in their role.
  • Virtual Critical Event Debriefing or On-Site

Confidential – Cost Effective – Customizable

Studies have shown that an effective EAP can reduce employee absenteeism and insurance claims.

Phases EAP is HIPPA-compliant and codes each client with a code identifiable only to us. Personally identifiable information for each employee is never released without signed permission from the employee.

While there is a cost associated with implementing an EAP, the potential savings from improved employee productivity, reduced
turnover, and lower healthcare expenses can make it a cost-effective solution for companies.

Phases EAP will be happy to educate the employer on how to make this program work for them and who to cover with this benefit. (always adhering to HIPPA laws).