Following years of development, treatment center for veterans officially opens in Mobile

A ceremonial ribbon cutting was held this morning at the new Vets Recover Detox And Residential Treatment” Facility in Mobile.

By Stephen Moody Published: Apr. 17, 2024 at 3:30 PM EDT | Updated: 21 hours ago


The renovation project at a residential treatment facility for veterans is now complete.

A ceremonial ribbon cutting was held Wednesday morning at the new Vets Recover Detox And Residential Treatment” Facility in Mobile.

And after being in development since 2018, it’s been a long time coming.

“it’s really special. Being here. Being in the neighborhood, on this street, in this historic building. The metaphors are just off the charts. There are so many metaphors about recovery,” Vets Recover CEO John Kilpatrick.

Vets Recover CEO John Kilpatrick says this building was purchased in 2018. And instead of destroying it and building a new one for less money, they made an investment in the historic building that was already here.

A fitting metaphor for not giving up on something or someone.

And now, the center which is named after him, will be the foundation for the recovery and the rebuilding of others.

“This building is going to provide some life saving care. And kind of start people on a recovery journey. But the recovery happens in the community. And that’s what’s really most important about this building is it’s built right in the middle of town. Right on the main thoroughfare. There’s a bus stop here. The people who need this will have no problem getting here. It’s all about having access to care,” Kilpatrick said.

And the facility is the only one of its kind in Mobile. The closest facility like it is located four hours away.

If you need assistance, it’s located at 1200 Springhill Avenue.

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