The start of a new year is a fresh slate for most of us–a chance to wipe away the past and forge ahead with new resolutions and experiences.  This holds true for veterans as well, in spite of the memories they cannot erase.

Veterans Recovery Resources offers a peer support network of veterans who have been in the valley and made it out again to find hope and joy in their daily lives.  The ability to connect with someone who faces the same struggles makes all the difference to believing there is a way forward in the darkest of hours and to creating the life veterans want and deserve.

Chris Montgomery, a Veteran Advisor on the Veterans Recovery Resources team knows first-hand how critical that connection is.  He drove 20 hours in his specially converted truck over the Christmas holidays to come to the aid of a combat buddy in Montana who was on the verge of taking his life.

“This guy trusts me. We shared blood on the battlefield together. He actually worked on me after I was blown up, and so there’s a special bond there,” explained Montgomery. “He helped me four days before he sustained almost the same injuries I did from an IED. It’s a lot easier to accept help from another vet that has been through it.”

In addition to fiercely maintaining the brotherhood developed in combat with his U.S. Marine Company, Chris is energized by the chance to help other veterans closer to home in Mobile, Alabama.  “It’s not easy and I had my own dark moments to go through,” said Montgomery. “But we can help each other to enjoy each day of the life we have now.  I’m hoping that if others see me being happy, it’ll give them a purpose. And then they can take the next step to find their own purpose,” added Montgomery.

Veterans Recovery Resources has already started anonymous and confidential twelve-step groups and is connecting veterans to resources as necessary.  We are participating as a veteran team in sporting and athletic events throughout the year. We invite you to join the family. Reach out to our team and take a step towards finding peace and joy in 2017.