64,000. That’s the number of veterans that live in south Alabama, according to a Veterans Needs Assessment released earlier this year.

About half of those veterans struggle with issues like PTSD and drug or alcohol addiction.

But John Kilpatrick, the founder of Veterans Recovery Resources says resources in our area for those that serve this country are limited.

“The VA has a 20 bed facility for substance use and PTSD residential treatment in Biloxi. So there’s a really big gap,” said Kilpatrick.

It’s a gap his organization hopes to fill. That’s why they’re proposing opening a residential facility to treat struggling veterans.

One of the buildings they’re considering renting out is the old St. Joan of Arc Catholic school in the Oakleigh Garden District of Mobile.

“Sometimes there are veterans that struggle and they really need to check out of life a little bit and that’s the instance where residential treatment is prescribed,” said Kilpatrick.

Though using this particular building isn’t set in stone, the proposal has people in the neighborhood talking.

Ann Pond says some have concerns about the facility setting up in a residential neighborhood.

“I just want to know more details. Obviously the issue would be we don’t want any increase in crime,” said Pond.

But Terry Raines, who lives just a couple blocks away from St. Joan of Arc, loves the idea.

“I think it’s great. It’s wonderful. Anything you can do for the veterans, because I’m a veteran myself. And all the young veterans now a days with war we’ve been having, are having a hard time adjusting to civilian life,” said Raines.

The proposal is for a 16 bed facility based on a 28 day program that focuses on peer support.

The facility would be staffed by doctors, nurses and other professionals.

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