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Community Integration

The coastal region of Alabama, Mississippi, and Florida supports Veterans. At the same time, it’s a region that honors First Responders. So, it’s not surprising that our region is where the country’s most innovative community-informed recovery program began.

When we founded Veterans Recovery Resources in 2015, all we had was a vision and concept for treatment. Today, we’re gaining the attention of like-minded organizations around the country.

And community is the reason why.

At Veterans Recovery Resources, we do not see ourselves as the only solution. Instead, we have a part to play in a broader spectrum of care. We play an essential role in a unified effort that weds government, healthcare, and social organizations to create a holistic approach that keeps success our top priority.

Our approach is to Connect, Communicate, Champion, and Collaborate. And our success today testifies to the strength of that approach.

We Connect with individual and community partners alike to eliminate all barriers on the path to well-being.

We clearly Communicate our vision to individuals, community members, and stakeholders to create the highest possible Veteran, First Responder, and Family member well-being.

We Champion the efforts of individuals, community members, and stakeholders to support and engage in the full integration of our Veterans, First Responders, and Family members.

We Collaborate at all levels, from civic leaders to a family member seeking advice. Through our community engagement efforts, we work tirelessly to enable our community members to advocate for our Veterans, First Responders, and Family members. And, by doing so, create the environment that allows our entire community to thrive.

As we continue to grow, we’ll also grow in our ability to communicate this groundbreaking approach to people throughout the region and beyond. In turn, our entire community learns from the lessons of some of our bravest citizens.

So how do we engage the community?

Veterans Service Organizations. So many have worn the uniform of our nation’s armed forces. Likewise, so many organizations advocate and work tirelessly for Veterans’ health, welfare, and future.

At Veterans Recovery Resources, we see ourselves as a resource for Veterans Service Organizations, offering our unmatched expertise in Veteran mental health. And organizations around the country are responding with questions and requests for guidance. As a result, we are quickly becoming a leader in helping Veterans secure their future.

Strategic Partnerships.

Without active, engaged community partners, full integration of Veterans, First Responders, and Family members is impossible.

That’s why Veterans Recovery Resources continually seeks to develop lasting, equitable relationships with value-based organizations. Our training, education, and deep commitment to service makes us uniquely equipped to be contributing partners wherever there’s a need. How?

Organizational Consultation.

Your organization might be affected by service-related issues and not even realize it. Absenteeism, substance abuse, lack of focus, and irritability are all signs of post-traumatic stress in the workplace. The effects on productivity and morale can be profound.

Veterans Recovery Resources knows how to create positive change in your organization through a proven, real-world approach. We begin our case-by-case process by assessing the needs of your organization.

We begin by establishing a Culture of Health, one that emphasizes living well, trauma-informed care, and forming a robust Peer Support Program within your own organization. That way, trusted team members can support one another to create the healthiest possible work environment.

At the same time, our Speakers Bureau provides your team members the insight they need to assess their approaches to work and life. With Trauma-Informed leadership, we provide advice on how to integrate spirituality and mental health and encourage post-traumatic growth.

After all, your team members are warriors. Our Warrior’s Return helps individuals gain the strength and emotional tools needed to forge a healthier, happier, and more fulfilled life.

Developing A Strategic Communications Plan.

We have a fantastic story to tell, one that gives hope to so many. And the more who know about our unique approach to treatment, the more will benefit.

Knowledge is the beginning of treatment. With videos, white papers, and social media messages, we can identify Post-Traumatic Stress in themselves or those they love. As a result, it becomes possible to achieve long-term results for those who need it most. Further, by communicating the extent of Post-Traumatic Stress in our country, we create the culture and awareness that helps create a society where those suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress get the acceptance and courage they need.

In short, we at Veterans Recovery Resources have done more than identify a need. We’ve developed the mechanisms, the resources, and the messaging to reduce suffering, ease pain, and make life better for those who come to us.

To learn more about our innovative programs or how Veterans and First Responders are uniquely vulnerable to Post-Traumatic Stress, contact us. You’ll learn how we make a difference for those who have made a difference for the community and our nation.

Other ways we serve you.

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A Complete Description of Our Program:

Veterans Recovery Resources offers a comprehensive continuum of professional and peer-based services for military services members. This PDF provides a detailed description of all the services we currently offer.

If you have immediate needs:

Call  24/7 at (251) 405-3677.
If you are experiencing a medical emergency, call 911.
Because the road to recovery begins the minute you call.

1156 Spring Hill Avenue, Mobile, AL  36604

Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
After-hours, weekends, and holidays are available by appointment.

Business Hours:

Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Appointments outside these times may be available on a case by case basis.
Business hours will evolve over time.



veterans crisis line logo

National Veterans Crisis Line:
For emotional crisis, requiring a licensed clinician
1-800-273-8255 (and Press 1).


Nurse’s Help Line:
Clients receiving primary care at Veterans Recovery Resources with an after-hours medical concern may call
(Reference VRR and Dr. Yonge).

Call 911 for a medical emergency.

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