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Our Veteran Scuba Programs are designed by veterans and their dependents - for veterans and their dependents. Through three separate paths we encourage learning, continued education, skill development, and healing all while building a healthy and engaging community around the mission of Veterans Recovery Resources.




Your first step into the deep end. Join us for one of our monthly DISCOVER SCUBA DIVING events. Or sign up for our PADI OPEN WATER SCUBA DIVER course, every divers first introduction to the amazing experience and healing powers of scuba diving.

Up Coming Classes


Continuing Education Courses. Stay engaged, stay in the water. Courses include Advanced Open Water, Night Diver, Deep Diver, and MORE.

Up Coming Classes


Dive trips, Kayaking, Fishing Trips, and events designed to promote further healing and living a healthy lifestyle. Join us on one of our many trips through out the year.

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Eligibility and Requirements

Frequently Asked Question

Who is eligible to participate in VRR / H2O programs

To qualify for sliding scale payment options.

Veterans and direct dependents. (Spouses and Children)

  • Veterans that are not already clients of Veterans Recovery Resources will be required to provide a copy of their DD214.

Active Duty Military Members and direct dependents. (Spouses and Children)

First Responders and direct dependents. (Spouses and Children)

Non Active Duty, Veterans, First Responders, and direct dependents.

Non Active Duty, Veterans, First Responders, and direct dependents can still take classes, and participate in events with H2O. However they are ineligible to use the sliding scale method.


Are that any age limits?

Yes, we require that all dependents be at least 14 years of age.

How large, and how often are classes?

Open Water Classes will be 6-8 students held once a month from March – Oct.

Continuing Education Classes will be 6-8 students held once a month from March – Oct. (Exception to this will be Project AWARE courses that will be allowed to have more then 6-8 students)

Are there any medical, and physical requirements to participate?

Yes, all participants will be required to complete:

  • PADI Diver Medical Participant Questionaire (This can be completed by setting an appointment with Veterans Recovery Resources)
  • Demonstrate Basic Water Skills
    • Swim 200 metres/yards (or 300 metres/yards in mask, fins and snorkel) without stopping. There is no time limit for this, and you may use any swimming strokes you want.
    • Float and tread water for 10 minutes, again using any methods you want.

Are there any financial obligations for Active Duty, Veterans, First Responders, and direct dependents.

Yes. Our programs are designed so that cost will not deter someone from being able to participate. With this in mind we have established a “sliding scale” when it comes to the cost of our programs and events. The cost of all our courses, programs, and events will be made known to all participants at sign up. During sign up participants will then have the ability to use coupon codes that will allow them to pay what they can comfortably afford so that cost does not prevent them from participating in the course, program, or event.

Example: A veteran wishes to sign up for an upcoming PADI Open Water Scuba Diver Course. This course fee is $450.00. However the veteran can only comfortably afford $225.00. This veteran would use code VETS50 so that it the cost of the course would reduce by 50% making the total cost to $225.00.


Participants will be responsible for all transportation, lodging, and meals during certification dives and events.

What can I expect after I have signed up for a course or event?

Good question! After you have signed up for any course or event and your eligibility requirements for that event have been satisfied you will be given further instructions such as:

  • For courses and certifications:
    • Once verification of DD214 has been done students and will be issued a one time use PADI eLearning code so that they may complete all course work prior to any pool or open water training.
  • For dive trips and events:
    • Once verification of participants scuba certification has been done they will be given the time, address, and other contact information for the event or trip.

Are their limits to the number of participants from a single family?

No, and Yes.

No, we do not limit the number of participants from families. However we do remind everyone that only veterans, spouses, and their dependents are eligible to use discount when booking to be part of any class or event.

We do limit veterans and their families to only two (2) members using discounts greater then 50% – for additional participants please use discount codes:

  • VETS40
  • VETS30
  • VETS20
  • VETS10



How do we use the sliding scale when booking a class or event?

Easy! When booking please use the codes below when checking out. Reminder that the first two members of a family can use codes of 50% and greater, we ask that for additional participants that you please use discount codes of 40% or less. We do this so that all veterans and their families have the opportunity to participate in our classes and events.


  • VETS90 = 90%
  • VETS80 = 80%
  • VETS70 = 70%
  • VETS60 = 60%
  • VETS50 = 50%
  • VETS40 = 40%
  • VETS30 = 30%
  • VETS20 = 20%
  • VETS10 = 10%


Meet Our Dive Crew

Meet the crew that will help you see life from a different depth.

Stephanie Steele

Program Coordinator

Brandon Peters

Lead Instructor

Michael Turner


Sonja Bridges



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