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VRR Employee Expense / Travel Pre Approval Request

Employee Name(Required)
Dates of Travel or Request (Begins)(Required)
If only one day only fill out one date.
Dates of Travel or Request (Ends)
Leave blank if expense took place only on one date.
Your request will be forwarded to the appropriate team lead for review.
What best describes your reason for expense or travel.
ex. Helping 2 Overcome

GSA Per Diem, Milage, and Lodging

Acknowledgment of GSA Approved Per-Diem and Lodging rates.(Required)
Veterans Recovery Resources bases all Per Diem - Lodging, Meals, and Mileage - reimbursement off of the approved GSA rates. Please use the GSA Approved Rates link that can be found in the TEAM PORTAL to find your approved rates for your travel destination.

Estimating Mileage

Mileage starts at 1156 Springhill Ave and goes to your destination and back (round trip). Use GOOGLE MAPS to estimate this.
Please use GOOGLE MAPS to estimate round trip mileage from Veterans Recovery Resources 1156 Spring Hill Ave to your destination and return trip.
Estimated Milage multiples by GSA 2022 rate of $0.585

GSA Approved Lodging Rate

Use the GSA Approved Rate link in the TEAM PORTAL to calculate your GSA Approved Lodging Rate.
Type in the TOTAL for your stay if you have already looked up hotels in your area.
Request for higher lodging rate.
Please indicate if you will be requesting a higher rate than the approved GSA Lodging rate for your destination zip code. Please state in the reason for expense section why you have need for a higher rate.
Ex. Unable to find safe and secure lodging at the approved GSA rate.

GSA Per Diem

Per Diem at your DESTINATION or as close as the GSA site will find.
Using locate your allowed per diem rate for your destination
Using locate your allowed per diem rate for your destination
Full days are defined as you wake up and sleep in the same location - NOT travel days.
Multiply your travel day (first and last rate) by 2
Multiply the full day per diem rate by the number of full days you will be at your destination.
Travel Day (multiplied by 2) + Full Day Per Diem Total

Travel Total Estimate

Hotel Quote + Mileage + Per Diem = Total Esitmate
Estimated Mileage Reimbursement
Estimated Lodging Bill
Estimated Per Diem Reimbursement (add full and travel days together)

Additional Expenses

Items that are not covered under GSA Per Diem, Lodging, or Mileage. Example - Parking, Registration Costs, Flights, and others.
Additional Expense
Additional Expense ex : Airport Parking - $25 daily
I understand that I will be required to submit all receipts upon my return. If I fail to submit a receipt for any expense that expense may not be reimbursed.
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