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Mobilized To Help Veterans Achieve Mental Wellness.

Where We Came From. Where We’re Going.

We are passionate about serving Veterans in southwest Alabama and the surrounding areas. And we intend to serve Veterans in other communities across the nation facing the same challenges.

The concept began with John Kilpatrick, a 32-year Army Reservist with expertise in hospital administration. While helping others who also struggled with the transition to and from civilian life, John realized that prompt, coordinated care relevant to Veterans’ needs was hard to find.

He resolved to do something about it, bringing together the community and teams of Veterans and healthcare experts equally committed to finding solutions. In 2015, Veterans Recovery Resources was founded and, in 2016, granted non-profit status.

Today, with our new Outpatient Clinic, we are on the way to fulfilling John’s original vision. Yet, our work is only just beginning with the buildout of our residential program and the groundwork for alliances with national organizations offering complementary services to achieve the same mission.


Veterans Recovery Resources is a public charity established by Veterans, for Veterans. As a public charity, we have worked hard to create a culture of absolute integrity in everything we do, and in every person we serve. With this in mind, our charity is recognized by GuideStar for transparency in operations and financials.

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sharing ideas in peer support sessions


Veterans Recovery Resources is a community-based, non-profit provider of mental wellness programs developed specifically for Veterans, by Veterans. Veterans Recovery Resources is committed to transparency and accountability. All of our 501c3 documents are available here for review. We strive to ensure that the financial capacity of Veterans and Service Members who need mental wellness services does not prevent them from seeking or receiving care. Veterans Recovery Resources will provide, without discrimination, care for emergency mental health conditions to individuals regardless of their eligibility for financial assistance or for government assistance.

Documents and Policies

Information about Veterans Recovery Resources, such as its organizing documents and policies, can be accessed below. All other related documents are available for public review upon request.

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